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Status 12-23-2009

Finished up with classes. I'm excited to be on break. I already have my classes setup for next semester.

All and all, it should be a good semester.


I've been lazy in publicly posting my picture galleries, but here they finally are for the world to see. Enjoy!

Status 1-17-2009

I would mention that I’ve been busy again but that would be an understatement. I’ve completed yet another semester of school and I’m due back in class on the January 20. I’m coming off of a 5 week break where I got to finally have some down time. This of course was between doing free lance computer work for all of my usual customers, web marketing for Alliance Transmissions / Trans Connection, and working at Northrop Grumman where I’ve taken on additional responsibilities. Though I didn’t get a chance to do a winter road trip of the south west, I’m planning on a big trip to Yosemite over spring break.

Luckily, I wasn’t too overworked during the break, as to not be able to have any fun. I had another phenomenal new years in the desert and within hours of my return back home I was attending a very well orchestrated LAN party. With that said, I would like to thank Nick for hosting a LAN party over the break, it was a lot of fun and I always appreciate good hosting (or any hosting for future reference). More later as always, it just might take a while.

Status 9-3-2008

I've been busy lately, take a look at everything I've been up to.

Labor Day

The family made it down to Bahia point once again for our traditional day of sailing, kyaking, and BBQ. I'll post the pictures when I have time.


Cal State San Marcos has opened it's doors once again. This semester I will be up at school / north county on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm also getting up early (I have to be in class by 7:30). With all that said, I've listed my classes below:


I'm working at Northrop on Mondays and Wednesdays. That leaves a 3 day weekend for homework, fun and more work. The business generated by computer repair has picked up quite a bit. With that said, just let me know and I'll be happy to look at your comptuer or suggest something to make life a bit easier.

Web Updates

Zanch Land has been officially transitioned to xhtml (the latest and greatest html web language at the moment) if you can't tell the difference... that's good.

Wedding Pictures

I decided to just upload everything to without really worrying about what the pictures looked like. At the minimum, I did remove some of the red eye and flipped all the pictures right side up.

Status 8-22-2008

I roughly edited Dave & Jenn's wedding reception pictures. Enjoy! If you want to post pictures of your own, go to and post them. Otherwise just email them to me ( and I can deal with them. We'll have more fun way's to post you're pictures coming soon!

Status 8-20-2008

School is still starting next week. I had to slow down quite a bit since I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (19th). That's the main reason behind the interest in the website lately. Please take a look at the updated menu structure and all the galleries that have finally been publicly posted for everyone to see. If you haven’t noticed, I've done quite a few updates to the site and the overhaul on the site design even though it may not be outwardly apparent, did happen. I’ve also added quite a few features.

Status 8-19-2008

SSchool is starting up next week. Looks like I'll be crashing quite a few classes. I added an RSS feed for anyone who is interested. It will contain all my Photo Galleries so everyone will know when I post new pictures. The best part, is that anyone who want's can subscribe. I've been busy with my last few weeks of summer. Check out the newish menu on the right (Picture Galleries) Or Try out the RSS feed to check out all the latest photo galleries.

Status 6-30-2008

Looks Like School Is Finally Out! Just Got Back From Minnesota Too! Plus There Is A Lan Party In The Works For July 11Th. Basically Theres An Open Invitation... But Nothing To Crazy. I'm Currently Working On Post Processing All Of Our Minnesota Pictures. I Will Likely Be Posting A Gallery Of The Good Ones Soon... But Not Too Soon. On Another Note Business Is Booming. I'm Still Working At Northrop ~30 Hours A Week During The Summer Plus The Random Computer Gigs I Pick Up Here And There. I Just Delivered A Stellar Computer To An Amateur Photographer That Lives In The Area And I'm Helping A Former Teacher With The Documentation Of Her Mothers Entire Life Up To The Present (Currently 102 I Think). Kelly And I Are Also Living Together In The Old Ellingham House (If It's News To You Or Hasn't Been Explicitly Stated). The Parents Are Living Up Near Escondido Now, They Have A Lawn And Everything Including Another Set Of Fruit Trees. Uncle Fred And Aunt Karen Have Also Graciously Bestowed Upon Us Many Heirlooms From Their Storage Container. Congratulations To Them For Finally Finishing That Thing Off. We Also, Still Have An Extra Room For Anyone That Wants To Visit And Stay For A Bit (Or Even Move In: See Below). We May Still Be Shifting Things Around A Bit But Theres Plenty Of Space And Things Are Finally Cleaning Up A Bit. Sorry For The Stream Of Consciousness. Perhaps I'll Edit This Later. Sounds Like A Few People Actually Look At This H'mmmm.

Status 3-6-2008

I've Come To The Stark Realization That This Might As Well Be A Journal Or A "Blog" It Really Makes Me Sad. But With All That Put Aside School Has Started Up And I've Got A New Set Of Classes

(Wow... What A Weak Schedule)

I've Also Sold My Beloved Sunfire And Assembled Our Home Theater Complete With Surround Sound And A 160" Screen. Kelly And I Have Been Looking For A Room Mate So If Anyone Is Interested Rent Would Be ~$650 A Month And The Room Would Be Furnished Unless You Didn't Want It To Be. On Another Note Both Our House And Our Parent's (Ray And Laura) House Has Received Quite A Bit Of Landscaping In The Last Couple Of Weeks. I Planted An Oro Blanco Grapefruit Tree And Replaced One Of Our Long Removed Avocado Trees. While The Escondido House Received ~25 Assorted Fruit Trees, Most Of Which Are Currently Just Sticks.

I'm Sure I Left Some Things Out But Overall I Think You Get The Idea... I've Managed To Stay Busy Despite The Somewhat Easy Nature Of My Schedule This Semester (Some Classes Just Didn't Work Out).

Status 1-9-2008

It's Been Quite A While Since I've Sat Down And Worked On The Site. I'm Thinking I Will Put Some New Galleries Up. Then Again That Requires Work =/ (I'm Sure To Do A Couple ... I Really Like That Flash Gallery I've Been Using) If Anyone Was Still Wondering From The Last Update If Anything Of Ours Burned Down ... It Didn't. Got Reasonably Close But No Damage. If Anyone Ever Looks At This Email My "Zanch.Corp@Gmail.Com" Address And I'll Write On This Page More Frequently. Otherwise I'll Mostly Just Use This As File Storage. Till Next Time...

Status 10-23-2007 (Fire?)

Fires Are Burning So Cal Down. Seems To Be The Best Place For Information In My Opinion. Looks Like Our Houses (Yes I Mean 2) Will Be Safe Which Is A Very Good Thing. But The Fires Have Not Been Contained And Could Quickly Change Direction Causing Untold Damage.

On Another Note I've Yet To Include Any Links To Our New House Gallery (There's A Link On The Seilerfam Main Page Too) For All Of You In The Know It's Been Available For Quite A While Now But I'm Finally Including A Link So Just Anyone Can Find It. There Are A Couple More Pictures That Haven't Yet Been Incorporated But Will Be Coming Soon Enough. The Move In Date Was Scheduled For This Friday/Saturday (October 26Th/27Th) However The Fires Will Probably Have Pushed This Date Out By A Week. (Seems Like "They" Just Won't Leave =P)

Status 9-13-2007

I've Been In School For A While (Seems O.K.) And Here Is A Picture Gallery Of Our Adventures At Mission Bay Over Labor Day 2007.
To Download The High Res Zip File Click Here

Status 8-20-2007

Schools Starting Up For Me This Week (23Rd) I'll Be Taking:

I Also Purchased A New Car Last Week (8/17/08). Theres More Details Under Projects/ Car.
I'm Still Planning On Posting Some Pictures... Just Be Patient And Possibly Harass Me.

What's Going On With Me?

Currently I'm Attending Cal State San Marcos. I'm Thinking Of Pursuing A Bachelor Degree In Business With Some Sort Of Emphasis On Computers. I've Always Been Fascinated With Computers And Everything They Do. I've Found That I Dread Programming And Much Prefer Application Based Computing As All The Number Crunching Etc. Has Already Been Performed For Me.

Since The Summer Has Started I've Hardly Been Home. I Started My Month Of Trips Off By Taking A Trip To Lake Mojave. Here's A Map Of Lake Mojave With Some Points Of Interest. After That Trip I Went Backing At Havasupai I Have A Map Of This As Well... I Went Map Crazy. The Day After I Returned I Left For New York And Toronto. Both Of Which Were Fun Cities. Staying At A Hostel And Canada And Vadim's Relatives While We Were In New York. After Only Being Back For 3 Days I Left For My Last Trip To Lake Lopez For A Couple Day's Of Sailing And Kelly's Graduation.

Website Updates 7-18-2007

Just Patched Some Holes, Created Some New Pages And Updated Some Of The Old Ones. I'm Still Planning On Uploading Pictures... Just Not Yet

Website Updates 6-25-2007

Seeing How I've Decided That Website Design Is Hard. I'm Leaving My Website Alone And Just Doing Some Simple Housekeeping On It. Hopefully I Will Get Rid Of Those Ugly Galleries And Replace Them With Some Stock Ones From Adobe Lightroom. And I've Decided To Neaten My Navigation System (Left Hand Menu)


You could call my site a blog or whatever you want but I find buzz words like "blog" offensive. I alsoassociate such words with those who have no idea what a blog is or possibly older people who are just trying to jump on to the bandwagon and feel like they're still hip or something of that nature. If Enjoying My Website Isn't your thing, you could just call it a hole that I pour time and effort into, or possibly just a never ednding project that constantly needs updating. At the minimum I would call it a learning experience as I have learned many new technologies over the course of time I have spent working on it.


~As You Most Likely Know Zanch Is Brett's Alias (Me) For Games And Such